Latest Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti leak suggests there’ll be plenty of GPU stock… but there’s a catch


For PC gamers, we’re hearing both good and bad news.

Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti leaks are coming thick and fast now, with the latest from the grapevine revealing a rumored price as well as the claim that stock of this GPU should be plentiful.

According to VideoCardz’s sources, the RTX 3090 Ti will be priced at $1,999 in the United States (approximately £1,500, AU$2,700) for Nvidia’s own Founders Edition. Third-party versions from card manufacturers, on the other hand, will almost certainly cost more (possibly quite a bit more, based on other leakage of pre-release pricing we’ve heard).

What’s particularly intriguing is that the report claims that some major US retailers will have ‘thousands’ of RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards in stock right away.

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VideoCardz also leaks performance figures for Nvidia’s Ampere flagship’s new Ti version, which is expected to be around 7% faster than the vanilla RTX 3090 (based on 3DMark benchmarks), which is in line with previous rumors. Another recent nugget suggested a 10% performance boost (albeit that was at 4K resolution). In short, expect some gains over the base 3090, but nothing too spectacular.

Analysis: Pricing sounds believable – but what about those stock claims?

That appears to be a reasonable price for the Founders Edition. There’s a new rumor that the 3090 Ti will have the same price tag (MSRP) as the 3090 – with the latter dropping its recommended price even further – but we’re skeptical.

Unfortunately, we’re not expecting anything remotely appealing in terms of pricing, owing to the fact that the RTX 3090 Ti will only really appeal to PC enthusiasts with ridiculous amounts of cash on hand. After all, we’re so close to the release of next-generation cards and the RTX 4090 that it seems silly not to hold out for those Lovelace GPUs. Not unless you absolutely must have the bragging rights to having the fastest card in your PC when the 3090 Ti is released. And since those people aren’t going to be thinking about graphics card budgets, there’s no reason for Nvidia to either; at least, that’s our argument.

What’s really interesting here is the part of the rumor about there being ‘thousands’ of cards ready to go right away, which seems highly unlikely to say the least. The 3090 Ti will not sell in large quantities simply because it is a niche card with a high price tag (and the proximity to the next-gen Lovelace launch only reinforces that). So, why are there so many of them floating around?

Obviously, we have to take all of this rumor mill speculation with a grain of salt, but it does suggest that stock of the RTX 3090 Ti will be as plentiful as it needs to be, and anyone looking to pick up one of these cards will have no trouble doing so right away.

More broadly, there are numerous indications that the GPU stock picture is rapidly improving, and that pricing is set to fall across all models. Fingers crossed that this trend continues.

If you’re interested in purchasing the RTX 3090 Ti, keep an eye on our live blog for information on where to get RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders.


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